Aloha from O’ahu

Despite my greatest fears and my flight anxiety, we landed safely in Hawaii. We even landed an hour before schedule – how about that? We sat behind a couple who had never been to the islands before, and they were coming to get MARRIED. Yeah, it’s a little cliche, but whatever. Many years of happiness to them and their paradise wedding. 

SO, we got off the plane and did what any logical family would do right after landing on a tropical island – we bought a car. I’ll spare you the gory details, but what would have been a 30 minute transaction (had the dealer done their job) turned into an hour and half deal. Papa Holds was none to happy. But, nonetheless, we are now sporting around in a new stripped down, manual transmission Jetta, and I have no complaints. My parents rock – and for that I am very grateful.

Post car fiasco, we decided to do the second thing that anyone does in tropical paradise – shop at an insanely crowded mall with cultures from all over the world. (This is very sarcastic. DO NOT GO SHOPPING AT ANY TIME WHEN YOU ARE ON A TROPICAL ISLAND. YOU WILL REGRET IT.) Yes we are insane, and yes we just wanted to beat the evening traffic. Is that so wrong? Anyways, I digress. We shopped for a couple hours and grabbed a bite at the oh-so-Hawaiian California Pizza Kitchen. I got a backpack (exciting) and maybe a couple more swimsuits. I can sense you judging me. Please stop.

By the time we got to the rental condo, it was already past 9:30 Hawaiian Time, meaning that it was 12:30 Arizona time. Being the wimpy people we are, we all zonked out as soon as we got into bed. A good nights rest is a great thing people.

I’m currently keeping you updated from a porch overlooking the Turtle Bay Golf course. It’s 73 degrees and the sun is shining. I am so happy to be back. I’ve already gotten 4 bug bites. That might be a new record.

I’ll eat some Ted’s Pie for you all and think of you while I’m roasting my skin on the beach.


Pre-Flight Photo in the very classy Airport parking structure


Jettin in my Jetta, airplane hair and all


The people in this photo appear to be happier than they actually are


Okay, but how beautiful is this place?


Seriously people Wowie


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