Overposting all over the place

Did you know that it’s possible to be in Hawaii for over 24 hours and not even step foot on the beach or put a toe in the water? Because I did it. I really did it and I am not proud of it. I did, however, accomplish the following things

1. I drove to my favorite side-of-the-road fruit stand and got the best pineapple in the whole world. Please do yourself a favor and get fresh fruit whenever you have a chance. You’ll meet really cute little old women who sell ziploc bags with 3 pieces of fruit in them for almost 5 dollars a bag. But, you will have the most delicious, juicy, and sweet fruit that you have ever had in your life. 

2. We went to into the depths of hell aka town aka Waikiki and did a bit of shopping. A bit of shopping and a whole lot of walking. The walking payed off; I ended up getting some hella cute clothes. More island advice: when you visit the beautiful island of Oahu, please please PLEASE do not spend more than one day in Waikiki. There are so many more beautiful things on every other part of the island. Go to the west side and go to the Dole factory; go up to the North Shore and see the amazing beaches. SEE THE REST OF THE ISLAND.

3. On the North Shore, near Laie, there’s a rad little restaurant called North Shore Tacos. Can you guess what they have that’s delicious? TACOS. Can you even believe it? Their tacos are the bomb, it’s true. But they have a lot of other food as well – salads, super large burritos, lots of good fattening food. I highly suggest a visit if you’re ever in the area.

4. Whenever we visit, we go up to Ted’s bakery near Sunset beach for some delicious pie. This place is famous and for a very nice reason. Their baked goods are insanely delicious and very very sweet. There’s always a little crowd, but there’s also always good cold pie in the fridge. I took a little trip and may or may not have made off with 5 slices of cake and a whole pie.  We love the Peach Bavarian Cream Pie, the Chantilly Cake, the Dream Cake, the Carrot Cake, and the Pumpkin Cream cake. All of the stuff. We love all of the stuff. Eat the pie.

5. Did you know that Korean dramas are just that – dramatic. That’s all that we’ve been able to watch on our little box tv.

So I’ve gone through my first 24 hours without seeing a beach, but I did each my weight in tacos and cake. I enjoyed my evening listening to the Common Kings and driving up the North Shore. I sure am glad to be back.


Don’t kiss boys and don’t let anyone be mean to you.

Queen Anne











2 thoughts on “Overposting all over the place

  1. Hi Anne!
    I follow you on instagram (love love your posts!) and noticed that you’ve lived in Casa De Chicas. I’ve been accepted to BYUH and I’m seriously considering moving in. What did you think about the place? Also what was your electricity bill like and how was management? Any tips? I would appreciate any advice whatsoever!♡


    • Hey girl! Please DO NOT move into this house. I’m moving home in December, and I sincerely do not want ANYONE to live here. Also, in your search for housing, please do not live under any of the landlords with the last name Paddock. It has made my experience here way worse that it would have been otherwise. Please please don’t lIve here!


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