Food service – why everyone should work in it at least once 

For those of you who are currently employed in a food service job, or have worked at food location for longer than one month, I commend you. You should get a medal of achievement, because it really is spectacular. 

I’ve been employed as a cashier at a local sandwich shop for the past month. I was hired at the beginning of March, and I just put my two weeks in yesterday. Yes, I am a real winner. Thank you. 

After only being there a month, I have learned so many life lessons that I could probably write a novel about it. BUT, I will spare you and just fill you in on the most prominent. Consider yourselves lucky.

1. The general public basically sucks. 

Guys, we are the worst. Really. We are selfish, demanding, impatient, and sometimes unkind. If you think that you are a kind individual, please go to a fast food restaurant and wait 20 minutes for your food to be brought out. That’s how you find out what someone is really made of (use this as a test when you’re trying to figure out if someone is marriage material). People, include myself, get impatient about the dumbest things – EVEN A SANDWICH. It’s understandable though, I will admit. You pay for a product, you want it to be right. But when a cashier at a restaurant tells you that they are out of something, please understand that it is NOT their fault. They didn’t eat all of the brownies, or throw all of the bread pudding away. Sometimes there just isn’t enough, and they are trying their best to get more in, so please, be patient. We go into restaurants 3 minutes before they close, and stay to eat our food, even when they are cleaning up. We don’t tip, even though the service was great. We forget that it is really so easy to just be kind. (PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, DON’T ENTER A FOOD ESTABLISHMENT RIGHT BEFORE CLOSING, AND ALWAYS ALWAYS TIP THE STAFF IF THEY’VE DONE A GOOD JOB)

2. Your coworkers can make or break the job.

I LOVE my coworkers. They are the best. They are some of the funniest, most genuine people I have ever met. I know that if I was ever in trouble, they would back me up. You also make the most unlikely of friends. They might have a different lifestyle than you, but as long as they’re kind, it doesn’t matter. You can make the environment any way that you want where you work – you can make yourself miserable, or enjoy the ride and be cheerful. 

3. Things will not always go your way.

Sometimes, you may tell your boss that you can only work certain days, and they schedule you the complete wrong hours. Sometimes you work several Saturdays in a row, even when there are parties or events that you don’t want to miss. You have to keep your composure and not flip your lid. It’s all going to be fine. Sometimes a customer will be impatient with you, and you have to remain happy and cheerful, and keep a bright fake smile on your face. You’re going to survive it. Sometimes, even though you feel like you’ve been working your sweet little buns off, your paycheck isn’t enough to order the lowering springs you wanted for you car. That’s okay. You’ll get through it. You have to adapt to what’s going on around you. Relax. 

4. You can line someone else’s pockets, or you can line your own.

If you are working for someone, you are ultimately making them more money than you will ever make yourself. You are subject to their behavior and emotions, as well as their actions and what they want you to do. When you’re the boss, you can do whatever you want, and you’ll be making the most money. Needless to say, I will never be one of the people that lines others pockets. I’m far too selfish for that. 

5. Life is far too short to spend your time being miserable. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that this job is miserable. It’s just that I would rather be doing something else. I was not cut out for this, I admit it. I’m not tough enough for the food industry. I’m just a tender lil nugget. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but thinking about going to work makes me so stressed and bummed that it bothers me all day. When I know I have to work later, my whole day is thrown off. Luckily, I work with awesome people, and I am going to miss them dearly when I leave. But you should work somewhere that you love, and that you wake up excited for every day. That’s the most important thing. Follow what you’re passionate about. Never settle, ya feel me?


I’m sure there’s more, but I’m exhausted because, wouldn’t you know, I just got home from work. 


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