Have Courage and Be Kind

Ya know, I’m not a big movie person. I would rather be outside and enjoying the sun than sit in a dark, cold, overpriced movie theatre. But, as with everything, there are exceptions – Fast and Furious, Lord of the Rings, Hot Rod, and the one I want to address now, Cinderella.

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the many ads, or even in the movie, Cinderella’s mom tells her to Have Courage and Be Kind.

I want you to think about his for jjuusstt a second. Mostly because I’m trying to think of an articulate way to portray this into words. (The cursor has been flashing for 5 minutes and I’m still not thinking of anything.)

I would encourage you to apply this phrase to every decision you have to make. Whether it’s being a good friend or doing something that scares you. It takes courage to branch out; to talk to someone you don’t know or to move away from your home town. It takes courage to stand up for yourself or to stand up for someone else. It also take courage to be kind.

I know I’m not the best example of kindness – I’m far too sarcastic and I’m way over the top. But, I will say this for myself, I will go out of my way if I know you’re having a hard time. I feel that this sounds egocentric or conceited, and I apologize if it seems that way. But it’s my one redeeming quality, so let me live. Here I am, getting away from the point I’m actually trying to make.

Guys, being kind is so important. Please think of one occasion when being unkind was the solution to any problem. The situations are few and far between. Being kind is so hard, but also very easy. Think of all that is going on in the world right now – all the contention, all the competition, all the stress. Don’t you think we could all be a little kinder to those around us? Whether it’s smiling at a stranger that you pass in the hallway or sending a text to someone you haven’t spoken too in a while, or telling that person that they have a nice smile, please be kind. If you make the conscious decision to be kind to those around you, your whole day will be different. Kindness does not have to be some extravagant action. Kindness can be just giving a little bit of thought into what comes out of your mouth. How often do we just spit out words without thinking it through? And how often do we have to back-peddle and apologize because what we said didn’t come out ANYTHING like the way we thought it would?10 seconds is all it takes to decide if you should say what you think you’re going to. Think about it.

I work with a kid who is one of the KINDEST people I know. He always has the best attitude and is always willing to help. He’s appreciative of every little act of kindness, and he is always so willing to help. He never volunteers to leave early, and offers to do the hard jobs that no one else wants to do. I want to be that kind of person.

Not everyone is going to be receptive to your kindness. You may be ridiculed, questioned, criticized, or abused for branching out. This is where the courage comes in. Have courage to not let those opinions or remarks deter you. Do not stop being kind because a friend made fun of you for helping someone out. Keep trying; it will pay off. Tell those people to kiss your bum. For those of you who make snide remarks about the kindness of others, KNOCK IT THE HECK OFF. No one wants you around with that attitude (look at me, being a hypocrite)

I’m making a goal to be more kind to everyone, and to think before I speak. Cut me some slack – Rome wasn’t built in a day

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